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November 15, 2007


The link to Don Valentine in Wikipedia is marked up as "orphaned". So I ask myself when did media become our mother and father so that something can be described as orphaned. I guess that places new form of meaning when we are fostering media.

Memorable quotes do come from people who observe people who engage thinking as a process of living. I am an observer of my own media and I have come to the conclusion that for most of the time we are watching rather than observing people talking.

That awareness that on media we are watching people perpetually talk from one form of media channel to another becomes enlightening when we engage a personal reality check whether what we are hearing has made us think.

The traditional fall back is always - ART is the mechanism to make us think. For people who don't think, it is best to claim oneself the label of artist rather than entrepreneur, at least that will keep the sea of thoughtlessness and the failure of human beings to discover intelligence that is embedded in media.

So what I see from this feature on Don Valentine is a guy who is not afraid of thinking and engaging thinking towards the creation of a purposeful life and if I had a gun put to my head to pick a favorite quote from the list above it would be:

"The world of technology thrives best when individuals are left alone to be different, creative, and disobedient."

Of course that does not mean that one is different, creative or disobedient unless one lives in the world of personal branding - and what is personal branding after all but to so reduce thinking so we can remember
without having to think.

Oh, gosh, I wrote this while I was thinking, at least I know that Don Valentine would appreciate this, not that I write this for applause, recognition, pleasing someone or sychophancy - but simply to think about someone out there who has proven that they are not thoughtless about the nature of their own existence.

In that regard I tip my hat to Don Valentine, now that bit of minor formality is done, I will get back to my business...at some point the thinking has to turn to doing and doing ironically creates a whole lot of thinking.


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