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February 26, 2007


Matt -

If you asked any online publisher out there they would say the same thing -- Google drives way more search traffic, delivers way more dollars, and if you are doing SEM is much better, for *now.* I did like the MyBlogLog acquisition a lot the problem is they need to make big big moves to move the needle.

Check out http://www.buzztracker.com/category/yahoo for more commentary!


They will hopefully make the move before the franchise begins to see signs of decline...

According to the stock market I believe it is already too late for that :-)

Congratulating Yahoo on the relevancy changes in Panama is like congratulating a grown man for tying his shoelaces. Maybe more like congratulating a grown man for taking five years to tie his shoelaces.

Question: why does Yahoo trade at a P/E premium to Google (nearly double!) when Yahoo increased its earnings 4% last year, while Google increased theirs 35% (both project 30% next year)?

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