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October 05, 2006


This kind of corporate cloak and dagger is not unheard of, but it certainly is one of the most controversial statements that I have heard. I can understand why Brad is upset.

Most venture capitalists, including those at Redpoint and Vantagepoint Venture Partners, would probably agree with that they sold MySpace too early. However, you can't blame them. After 4 years of lackluster returns (no exits in fact) from their portfolios, Redpoint and VantagePoint were probably ecstatic to show any exit to their limited partners. VCs have bosses too! They are public pension funds and corporate investment funds that rely on these investments to pay for your retirement.


More MySpace Fraud

No matter how gluttonous devouring all the time, we need to breathe at this time, and strive to win our reputation, the sickle of time can not hurt us. - William Shakespeare

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