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July 01, 2006


Sure I want to know more about:

-- do incubators work...why or why not?

It would be interesting to read about some of the less frequently written issues regarding VCs:

1. Is the current environment really "entrepreneur friendly"? We read about this all the time in the press, but not sure what it really means.

2. How should founder capital that has been invested be treated?

3. How early is too early when founders are seeking to raise capital?

Looking to really look "behind the curtain" as to the VC process. There seems to be some interest in these kinds of topics in the entrepreneurial community.

In no particuliar order, I like the philanthropy thoughts, thread, I would like to continue to get your insight there.

You've touched on the "to take VC money or not" subject, but I know a pre-revenue local company that's getting $5MM at a $20MM pre-money valuation, 1x liquidation a single board seat. To someone unfamiliar with the VC world, this seems like "nearly free money." can you comment on what the possible downsides are?


I'd love to hear your thoughts on what makes a good investor pitch. However, I think that what the VC blog sphere is really lacking is detail on this subject. So rather than say writing a post about the 10-15 slides you like to see in a pitch, why not pick one or two related slides and right about how to do them right. For example most entrepreneurs know that they need to have a slide on the market and the competition but there isn't a lot of information out there regarding how do these slides right.

Also, I would personally be very curious to learn your thoughts on direct vs. channel sales models.


In your experience, what should entrepreneurs do to make the insane hours and pace of a startup attractive to the best possible employees? It is a common belief that a startup can be a path to huge financial rewards, but sometimes the best and the brightest will put other life priorities ahead of money, and thus will not undertake the hours and workload of a startup at any price. What attractions do you like to see an entrepreneur offering to attract the butterflies?

Thanks everyone for the suggestions via email and comments. Keep 'em coming. I will start to work these topics into posts in the coming month. Good stuff!

I enjoy the VC 101 and the bootcamp features.

Also, would like to hear more of your thoughts on philanthropy. Specifically, how do you see practices from the business/vc world being successfully applied to social entrepreneurship?

I thought the "Watercooler..." post was really valuable. Looking forward to continuing to hear your insights on how to build a more closely knit startup community. We Midwesterns could greatly benefit from working towards that goal.

I think the Buffett donation reinforcing the Gates charity and approach will be a waterfall event in driving the next chapter in social (or venture) philanthropy. I am hoping for a very exciting period in the philanthropy world in the coming decade. Will definitely continue to post on this. Also, everyone should feel free to send me examples when they come across them.

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