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April 06, 2006


Google wants to find all the world's information because information gives it knowledge and knowledge is power.

hello to a fellow ECC member and blogger!

I had a completely different take on schmidt's presentation. to me, his main message was about making voice telecom meaningful when mobile, seamless, and ubiquitous. that's eric's brave new world.

but google's goal is much broader than its company mission statement to organize information - note how schmidt slyly admitted google is now creating searchable content and top box answering search questions - and Ad Sense simply doesn't fit (it's simply a way for advertisers, publishers, and Google to make money). Google's unwritten goal is to contextually change the world of communications.

check out our friday post:

wonder why you made tech memeorandum and we didn't? oh yeah - you are a VC. Brad Feld and Jeff Nolan have already A-listed you. Testimony to the tight community of VC men. We have something to say about that on our blog too.


wink-wink, nod-nod. cheers!


Actually, tech memeorandum most likely picked it up off of www.threadwatch.org.

Regarding the first half of your comment, I did miss that in my summary so thanks. My overall take on Google's strategy is two fold. a) find all information, regardless of location, form or language, and index it or make it discoverable by anyone, anywhere. b) when there are impediments to either the finding or retrieving of this information, provide a solution (free WiFi, etc). In short, eliminate all friction in the consumption of information...and provide Chicago Weather reports.

ok, matt - now you are teaching me. threadwatch.org? good stuff. eager to learn the tech ropes as I go and good to know before I speak at AD:Tech San Fran later this month.

Hope to see ya Tuesday.


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