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March 20, 2006


Scott Burkett mentioned another interesting application in this space, podscope, which can find words or phrases that are spoken in a podcast. As more and more audio and video content comes onto the web, automated solutions like podscope and riya are going to be critical in indexing them.

Yes, Google/Yahoo/MSN can't keep up anymore.

Over the last year there's been a general shift in my customers moving to using more SEO services. To get ranked high in Google, you now have to know your stuff. Before you could get a decent ranking with just obeying the basic search engine rules.

Google is going to have to really change their software as the web moves to more of a 'feed-based', syndicated world.

Very true. Online marketing is getting increasingly sophisticated. You even have hedge funds coming into the space with arbitrage strategies. I believe that click fraud, at the end of the day, will be one of Google's greatest threats to its business model.

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