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March 07, 2006


There is no reason not to help when you can, no matter how big you are (or think you are).

Even if it's not true, its nice to hear a good story like that (forwarded it to my father).

In a day and age where people spout out things like, "He who has the gold rules", its good to remember most people aren't but one bad deal/trade/whatever from needing help.

That was a solid post.


An awesome post. It's always the little things that count. In an industry like ours (software) dominated by ego's - it's hard to remain humble, helping others before yourself keeps things in perspective.

All the best,


"What goes around comes around." I have always lived as if that was a Universal Law.

Perspective is key. I am glad to see this resonant with others.

That is an excellent story and post. I was under the misguided impression that most VCs were self-interested and out only for themselves. It's good to know that finding that next great investment can be balanced with a sense of altruism.

Well said and great perspective to have in life.

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