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June 11, 2007



As someone contemplating VC as a career, your take on venture capital as a key enabler of economic development and social welfare is obviously very comforting and confirming to me. Assuming Chicago/Illinois officials grasp these principles, what should they be doing that they're not already to foster more entrepreneurship here? In other words, should they be trying to draw more VCs here or help those who are here in some way? Or should they simply stay out of the way?


Dean Richardson

I tried finding the issue but wasn't sure which one it is. What's on the cover and what's the publication date?


So what's Chicago and Illinois doing? Let's see...
- Focus on the tourism industry
- Threaten to tax business revenues and insult the business community with name-calling (something to do with "Gucci-wearing" or whatever)
- Propose taxing traffic into the Loop

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