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May 08, 2007


This is really an excellent post and should be required reading for all VC's and entrepreneurs alike.

It's going in my personal scrapbook for future reference. You're exactly the kind of "parent" a startup needs.

Thanks for a great post.


This was a really great post. The only thing that got to me was the comparison to a bunch of little kids. While the psychology does seem very similar between the two sets, as an entrepreneur I feel a bit patronized considering I'm trying to grow a business from scratch, not complaining about why I can't stay up past my bedtime. If you invest in my company, will I have a curfew? Just kidding. Loved the post, and we should all be so luck to have such sensitive and insightful investors.

I definitely had my hesitations about the comparison for the reason you mentioned. That said, maybe we should enforce across our portfolio a nap time in the afternoon after milk & graham crackers... :-)

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