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March 21, 2007


Matt --
Interesting post. I've seen other posts on social networking recently, and commented on one just yesterday: http://www.venturewoods.org/index.php/2007/03/20/viral-marketing-social-networking/

In my opinion, the success of a social networking site depends heavily on repeat visits, which in turn relies on the need to find people or information (the more targeted/relevant the better). You make an interesting point about having "team" networks where everyone is working towards a common goal or cause. I agree that regardless of the specific application, a successful social networking site is an enabler -- in particular, by fulfilling a real need for finding people or information.


I like the general idea of using the dynamics of a social net to set up a competitive structure to motivate environmental conservation.

Another spinoff...
A recycling company, on their database, logs total amounts of recycled materials brought in by specific contestants who subscribe to the same green social network. Those running logs could then be posted by the recycling company onto the social network for all to see.


Thanks for this insight from a VC's perspective. As our firm begins its initial forays into identifying enterprise customers, we will keep in mind these words of wisdom in outlining our progess to our Board.

-Dave Peak

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