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January 08, 2007


Thanks for the quote from Bob Parsons. I'd never seen those words attributed to a Chinese proverb, but my first experience with such a situation was 21 years ago. I was coming up dry with sales and decided to shut down my company and start hitting the help-wanted classifieds. That, of course, is when the phone started ringing. I was fortunate to receive such a valuable lesson as a young entrepreneur.

My current favorite quote is from Epictetus, "What ought one to say then as each hardship comes? I was practicing for this, I was training for this." It's scrolling by on my screensaver whenever I approach my desk, and I find those words to be an appropriate reminder (or lesson) for me when sitting down to address an issue.

Sorry but survival still comes long before creativity. Surely you realize your photos from your trip reveal this.

Lot of difference in what is "important" to you when you are at the bottom of Maslow's hierarchy versus higher up near the top. That said, there is always room for creativity and innovation across the spectrum.

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