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January 28, 2007


As a former Boston-area resident, the Hoyts story is legendary. And as my wife is a marathoner, I have had the good fortune of seeing them up close. It is truly an inspiring story. But why would the author think he sucks? Some people think Dick Hoyt is a nut for doing what he does. Many of us do things that are just as supportive as the elder Hoyt in the eyes of someone else... it's more than likely that it is not on a national stage.

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Good point. As they say, the key to raising a resilient child is that at least one adult in its life reaffirms and loves it. So, that puts all of into the game without extraordinary efforts. :-)

I would imagine that Reilly was commenting on how much commitment and time Dick has spent with a son that has very limited ability to engage. A lot of us spend time with kids, but there is a lot of immediate gratification, interaction and reward. Dick's reward is more subtle or subdued.

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