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April 02, 2006



Excellent comments and totally agree. I tell people we are today where we were in 1998 for the first wave. Personally, Google is akin to first gen Yahoo, which is basically when things started up.

Our company is doing pretty close to what you said... we are creating a hosted platform of integrated web components for b2b using the latest "Web 2.0" technologies. I think that these days, organizations want to get something up quick and that's working, without spending a lot of time. So, the platform will be scalable and customizable easily for the average SMB and, the enterprise businesses as well, to get up and going. We know there's a lot of competition, but our goal isn't to get out first (as we learned first time around first-to-market is mostly insignificant), but rather focus on quality of product. Product quality is more important these days then quick to market.



With the commoditization of infrastructure, execution is becoming the primary differentiator in most opportunities. Good point.

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