• For many entrepreneurs, the venture world is needlessly opaque and confusing. Venture capital is both art and science with karma mixed in. With a synchronistic twist, this blog will try to shed light on the world "behind the curtain" as well as how key entrepreneurial lessons are mirrored in everyday life.

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There is no reason not to help when you can, no matter how big you are (or think you are).

Even if it's not true, its nice to hear a good story like that (forwarded it to my father).

In a day and age where people spout out things like, "He who has the gold rules", its good to remember most people aren't but one bad deal/trade/whatever from needing help.

That was a solid post.


An awesome post. It's always the little things that count. In an industry like ours (software) dominated by ego's - it's hard to remain humble, helping others before yourself keeps things in perspective.

All the best,


"What goes around comes around." I have always lived as if that was a Universal Law.

Perspective is key. I am glad to see this resonant with others.

That is an excellent story and post. I was under the misguided impression that most VCs were self-interested and out only for themselves. It's good to know that finding that next great investment can be balanced with a sense of altruism.

Well said and great perspective to have in life.

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